How to Get a Thai Driving License
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22 October, 2022
From: 13:30
To: 15:00
How to get a Thai Driving License


For People who are Planning to Stay in Thailand for Long Term and Consider to Buy their own Car or Get a Long Term Car Rental, They have to know how to get a Driving License in Thailand or How to Switch their Foreign Driving License to Thai. These are the Main Points that we will be discussing in this Online Event.

In this Webinar Online Event you will get Full knowledge about Thai Driving License and How to Get One. The Main Topics that will be Discussed in this Event will be As per below:

  • How to convert Your Foreign Driving License to Thai Driving License
  • How to Register the Motorcycle and Car Driving License in Thailand
  • Documents required to Get Driving License
  • Where can you Apply for a Driving License in Thailand and How Long does it take
  • Who is Eligible to get a Thai Driving License
  • How Easy to get it and are there Express Services to do it

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