Best Coworking Spaces in Bangkok

Regus Co-working Spaces this Brand is one of the Best Coworking Spaces in Bangkok with more than 30 Branches all around Thailand in Several Cities Including Bangkok, Phuket and Pattaya. They offer 4 Different Types of Services in all their Branches. These Services are: Co-working Space: In Summary, This Service means that you have access […]

Minimum Salaries for Foreigners in Thailand

Minimum Salaries for foreigners in Thailand are different from the Minimum Salaries Imposed by the Thai government for Local Thais. The Minimum Salaries for foreigners in Thailand differ from a Nationality to another. Some Nationalities’ Minimum salaries are higher than others and the categories are divided as per following: Category A: The First Category includes […]

Where to Find jobs for Expats in Thailand

There are many ways to find jobs for expats in Thailand that suit your career. Many people are planning to move to Thailand, however they are trying to find and secure a Job first before relocating. Some others have already been living and Working in Thailand and their Employment Contracts will be finished soon but […]