8 Best Seafood Restaurants in Pattaya

Thai Cuisine is one of the most Famous Cuisines worldwide providing Special and Delicious Dishes. A Big Part of the Thai Cuisine is Based on Seafood as it is very Popular in Thailand Due to the Country’s Geography. In this Article we will be Highlighting 8 of The Best Seafood Restaurants in Pattaya that You should try.

The Best Seafood Restaurants in Pattaya

Pupen Seafood Restaurant

Pupen Seafood Restaurant is one of the Most Famous and Busiest Seafood Restaurants in Pattaya. it’s located at Jomtien Beach next to D@Sea Neo Condominium, at the End of the Jomtien front Beach road.

Pupen has 2 Floors and can acquire hundreds of Guests Daily. During weekends, this restaurant becomes very Busy as Local Thai people come to enjoy their Lunch or Dinner at this Restaurant from Pattaya, Bangkok or Rayong. In the latest Renovation, the Owner has extended the restaurant to be offering a whole day Bakery and a Coffee Shop in addition to the Original seafood restaurant.

The Restaurant is Mainly Providing Seafood Meals, however, they also Offer other Non Seafood Items Such as Pork and Chicken Dishes that you can order as well.

Pupen Seafood Restaurant Best Restaurants in Pattaya

Rimpa Lapin Seafood Restaurant

What makes this Restaurant Special is not only the Authentic Delicious Thai Seafood that they are offering, There are other criteria’s that make this restaurant very Special Such as The View.

Rimpa Lapin is Located on top of a Cliff overlooking Pattaya Beaches with a Stunning view, So you can enjoy your Meal in the Outdoor or Indoor areas while Enjoying the amazing View.

Rimpa Lapin Seafood Restaurant Pattaya

Lung Sawai Seafood Restaurant Pattaya

Lung Sawai Seafood Restaurant is Located at the End of Jomtien Beach Road just next to Pu Pen Restaurant. At the Weekend, These 2 restaurants become very Busy.

This Restaurant Started Small, and Then Extended the Space Several times until it became one of the Largest Seafood Restaurants in Pattaya. The Capacity of the restaurant Can Acquire more than 400 Guests.
Lung Sawai is Positioning himself as Offering traditional Old Thai Cooking Style.

Lung Sawai Seafood Restaurant pattaya

Sudkhet Talay Phao Pattaya

Sudkhet Talay Phao is a Local Seafood Restaurant in Pattaya Located in Jomtien Beach. This Restaurant Offers all you Can Eat unlimited Seafood Buffet for only 399 Baht Per person. However, You must finish the Food that you pick up from the Buffet otherwise the restaurant Charges a Fine in case there are some food waste at your plate.

The Fun part is that you choose and pick up the Seafood from the Buffet by your own. You pick some of them from the large water Tanks while they are Still alive.

Then you Are the one who cook your own food, as Each Table has its own Grill. The restaurant is Located just accross the beach road, So you can enjoy a Sea View while enjoying your meal.

Sudkhet Talay Phao Pattaya Restaurant

Preecha Seafood Restaurant 

Preecha Seafood Restaurant is Located just after Jomtien Beach. It’s a Very Large Outdoor Local Restaurant that is not very Well known among Tourists. Therefore when you visit this Restaurant you will find only Local People Enjoying their Meals.

Preecha Seafood Restaurant Pattaya

Suttangrak Pattaya restaurant 

Suttangrak is one of the Oldest Restaurants in Pattaya City. Suttangrak in Thai Means “End of the Love Road”, and It was called like that because 20 – 30 years Ago, It was located by the end of Jomtien Road before that they Extended it.

Nowadays, Suttangrak has been developed from being a Very traditional Restaurant to become a more modern Restaurant combining the Fine Dining and Seafood Experience.

Suttangrak Pattaya Restaurant

Tako Trip Seafood Cafe

If you are a Calamary Lover, Then you Must Visit Tako Trip Seafood Cafe. This Floating Cafe is Located in the Middle of the Sea, and You can Reach there by Speed Boat that belongs to the restaurant.

The Different thing about this Restaurant is that it provides you with Fishing Equipment so you can Fish the Calamary by your own and then They cook it for you so you can enjoy eating it with the amazing View and Vibes.

Tako Trip Seafood Cafe in Pattaya

Srinual Seafood 

This Restaurant is Beachfront and offering Outdoor and indoor Sitting areas, and you can Choose your Own Live Seafood from the large Water Tanks to be cooked.

Srinual Restaurant is Located in Na Jomtien Beach and is all Decorated with the White color.

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