Apps to Download when Living in Thailand

If you are already living in the land of Smiles or you are Planning to move to the land of Smiles soon, There are Some apps that you will need to download when living in Thailand. We will be highlighting them in this article to make your life in Thailand Easier and Smoother.

Food Panda

Food Panda is one of the most Commonly used mobile applications among both Thai people and Expats living In Thailand. This Application offers food Delivery with many restaurants around Thailand with a Small Delivery Fee (Delivery Fees Vary from a Restaurant to another Depending on How far your Location from this restaurant is)

The App is Available in Both English and Thai Language, and It accepts Both: Credit Card Payment and Cash on Delivery Payment.

You can Download the App from the below links:

  • Download From the App Store
  • Download from The Playstore
Food Panda Apps to Download Thailand

Grab App

Grab is a Mobile application popular in Southeast Asia and Operating In Thailand and 7 Other countries including: Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, the Philippines, Singapore and Vietnam.

This Application is Same Concept as Uber, you can use it to order a Car and move from a Place to Another. The Price of using Grab Car is more expensive when compared to taking a Normal taxi, Howver it’s more Safe and convenient. The App also provides other Services Such as Food Delivery.

You can Download the App through the below links:

  • Download From the App Store
  • Download from The Playstore
Grab app for Living in Thailand

Wongnai Application

Wongnai mobile application will be very useful for you if you are a Going out Person and love Dining. This app Can be used for searching for nearby recommended Restaurants with all the restaurants details such as The restaurant menu, Customer Reviews, and Location.

It covers more than 250,000 restaurants all around Thailand, and lately the app has extended it’s coverage to Review more entities such as Spas, Wellness and beauty centers. You can Use it also to write a Good or a Bad review based on your experience in a Restaurant or in a Wellness Center.

Wongnai Application Thailand

7 Eleven App Thailand

Another One of the Apps to Download when Living in Thailand is the 7 Eleven Application. 7 Eleven is the most Popular convenient Store in Thailand with Branches all around The Countries. You nearly find a 7 Eleven in every Street in Thailand.

The 7 Eleven Application allows you to order the Shop’s Items to be delivered to your doorstep instead of Visiting one of their Stores. Delivery fee is not High and Sometimes they Provide free delivery.

7 Eleven Best Apps in Thailand

Line App

Line is the most Popular texting and Voice over IP Application used in Thailand. All Thai people are using the Line Application in their Daily lives. Line is more Popular than whatsapp or than any other Texting of VOIP Application. You must download this app if you are moving to Thailand and Collect the Line ID’s from your friends and Colleagues.

Line Application Thailand

I Lert U Police Application

I Lert U is a newly Introduced application by the Tourist Police in Thailand and one of the Important Apps to Download when Living in Thailand. This App is allowing tourists or foreigners living in Thailand to Request Assistance from Police in case of emergency needed.

The App is using the GPS Functionality to be able to track the Tourist’s Location and Send Help as quick as possible if needed. It also Allows you to take a Photo of the Incident reported to facilitate the Whole reporting Process and Make Sending the Help faster and Easier for Both Police and the Victim.

This Can be very helpful in case you cannot explain your exact location when asking for emergency, and the app will be operating in conjunction with 1155 Line.

I Lert U is supporting Several languages such as: English, Chinese, Russian and Korean.

Thailand I Lert U Police App

Bolt App

Bolt is a Transportation app similar to Grab, allowing you to Request a Ride from a Place to Another. The App is new in Thailand however it existed in Several Countries earlier. When you open the App you will be able to insert the Location that you want to Visit, and the App will calculate the approximate Cost of the Trip for you.

After the ride, you will also be able to review the driver and the car that you were using.

Bolt Transportation App in Thailand

Line Man Delivery App

Line Man is a Delivery Application Provided by the Line App. The app has a Big Variety of restaurants all around Thailand. You can order the Food that you want (either raw or Cooked from restaurants), and then add your address and Press Order. The Line Man will be on the way to your Place after that with the food that you have order.

Line Man Application

Raksa – Online Hospital

Raksa is the Number one Medical App in Thailand. This App Allows you to consult online with more than 1,000 Doctors from the Best Hospitals around the Country. Raksa Also allows you to order the medicines and drugs recommended by your doctor without Shipping Fees.

Raksa Application Thailand

Mordee App

Mordee Application is a Medical App similar to Raksa. By using this App you will get access to more than 500 Doctors in Thailand from Different Clinics and Different Specialties.

You can Book online appointment with the Doctor that you prefer based on other guests’ reviews, Order Medicines, and Claim insurance as well.

Mordee Mobile Application

Robinhood app

Robinhood is a Super App Introduced by SCB (Siam Commercial Bank) allowing you to browse and look for restaurants, Book travel deals and Do online Shopping.

Apps to Download when Living in Thailand

Lazada Thailand

Lazada is the Largest E Commerce website and App in Thailand. It offers a Very Big variety of Products from thousands of Sellers in Thailand and Outside Thailand. You can find many Cool Products and Good Deals in this App.

Lazada Thailand

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