Thailand LTR Visa Overview

The Number of People Considering to Move to Thailand Keeps Increasing Year by Year, and that’s Due to many Reasons that make the Country attractive for a Long Term Stay. 

Usually when people consider moving to Thailand, the first thing they Look and Search for is the Visa. Thailand is offering different Types of Long term Visas for people who are Considering to Move to the Kingdom. 

The most Popular ones are Thailand Retirement Visa, Business Visa, Education Visa and Elite Visa

After that the Government has realized that the World Situation has Changed recently and more people Started to be able to work remotely from anywhere in the world, They have decided to Introduce a new Visa Type for These Digital Nomads and Freelancers to attract them to come and Work from Thailand to Boost the Country’s Economy. 

This Visa is Called LTR Visa (Long Term Residence Visa). In this Article, We will give you an Overview about Thailand LTR Visa.

Thailand LTR Visa Overview

What is the Thailand LTR Visa about 

Thailand LTR Visa has been introduced and Approved by the Thai Cabinet in May 2022, and the Cabinet has confirmed that the Visa will be valid from the 1st of July, However the Opening of the Applications for this Visa type has been postponed till September 2022.

Visa LTR Thailand

How long can you Stay with the LTR Visa in Thailand

The LTR Visa allows you to Stay in Thailand for up to 10 Years. You will first be able to stay in Thailand for 5 years and then you will be able to renew your stay for an additional 5 years. 

How Much does this Visa Cost

There is an Annual Fee for Staying in Thailand under the LTR Visa that costs 10,000 THB Per Year. You will need to Pay this amount to the Immigration office on a Yearly basis. 

Immigration reporting under the LTR Visa

Usually, with all the other Long term Thai Visas such as Retirement or Business Visa, you need to Submit a 90 days Report to the Immigration office. However, with the LTR Visa type, the Report is on yearly basis and not on 90 days Basis, So you do only 1 report per year instead of 4 when compared with the other visa types. 

Is it Possible to get a Work Permit in Thailand under the LTR Visa

Yes it is Possible to get the Work permit with the LTR Visa. 

Thailand Entry Stamps Visa

Who Can Apply for Thailand LTR Visa

The Thai Government has Defined four different Categories of People who can apply and Get Approval for the Thailand Long Term Residence Visa, These four Groups Are:

1- Wealthy Global Citizens

Wealthy Global Citizens need to have at least 1 Million Dollars in Assets. The Documents that will need to be Submitted, Won’t be Submitted to the Embassy or The Ministry of the Foreign Affairs, However it has to be Submitted to the BOI (Board of investment in Thailand), You can Check the Details in the Other Article.

2- Wealthy Pensioner

3- Work from Thailand Professionals

4- High Skilled Professionals

Check more details about the LTR Visa Requirements.

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