Where to Find Jobs for Expats in Thailand

There are many ways to find jobs for expats in Thailand that suit your career. Many people are planning to move to Thailand, however they are trying to find and secure a Job first before relocating. Some others have already been living and Working in Thailand and their Employment Contracts will be finished soon but they don’t want to leave the country and are looking for other Job opportunities to Keep Staying in the Kingdom.

In this article we will be Highlighting the Best ways to find Jobs in Thailand for Expats so you can Start Searching and get one more step Done for moving to the Land of Smiles.

Online Recruitment websites

Same as any other Country, using an Online recruitment website for Finding a Job is one of the most convenient and Fastest Way. There are Several Active recruitment websites in Thailand that you can use when searching for a Job. Most of them offer both, Thai and English Languages, and are offering jobs from thousands companies across the country in Different Industries.

  • Job Thai
  • Indeed Thailand
  • Jobs DB
  • Job BKK
  • Job Th
  • Job Top Gun
  • Job my Way
  • Work Venture
  • Job Pub
Jobs for Expats in Thailand

Multinational Companies Based in Thailand

There are many Multinational Companies that are based in Thailand and are recruiting employees from all over the world, below are the most famous and Largest Multinational Companies in Thailand that you can consider when looking for a Job.

Below is the list of these multinational Companies, You can visit their Websites where they Publish frequently the latest Available Vacancies.


Agoda is one of the Largest online Hotels Booking Platform in Asia, and one of the Fastest Growing in The World. Their Largest Office is in Bangkok, having over 2,000 Employees from over 90 Different Nationalities.

The Company hires frequently in Different Fields such as Accounting, Programming, Marketing, and Many other Vacancy types. You can check their Careers Website frequently if you are interest in Such a Vacancy.

Agoda Jobs in Thailand

Working in Hospitality industry in Thailand

Another Big Industry that is employing a Big number of Expats in Thailand is the Inbound Tourism Industry. Thailand is one of the Largest Touristic Destinations around The World, The country has received nearly 40 million tourists from all around the world in 2019 before the COVID 19 Pandemic.

Many international Hotels Chains are Operating Properties in the Major Touristic Destinations in Thailand Such as Bangkok, Phuket, Chiang and Pattaya, and are looking for Multilingual employees in certain Positions. The most popular Positions in the Hospitality industry for Expats are: Hotel Management Positions, Public Relations and Guest relations Positions, and Chefs.

Other Positions can be also Opened for Foreigners Looking for jobs in Thailand, however the ones mentioned above are the most popular ones.

The Largest Hotels’ Chains in Thailand that You can take a Look at

  • Accor Hotels
  • IHG (Intercontinental Hotels Group)
  • Marriott International
  • Hilton Hotels
  • Wyndham Hotels Group
  • Centara Hotels Group

Salaries for Foreigner Employees in Thailand

Minimum Salaries for Foreigners in Thailand are Different from the Salaries of Local Thai Employees as per Thai Law. Foreigners have Higher Minimum Salaries compared to the Thai Employees, you can check our Articles related to the Salaries and Taxations for more details.

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