About Thailand Expats Club

Thailand Expats Club is a Community for Expats in Thailand Bringing Many Benefits to Its Members. The Club belongs to Royal Vacation Group. The Main Goal for the Thailand Expats Club is to enhance the life of Expats in Thailand by Connecting them, Updating them with all the New Important information that can affect their lives when in Thailand, and Providing Benefits from the Discounts Programs and Free Sessions that we organize on regular Basis. 

Benefits Of Joining the Club

There are Many Reasons why you Should Join the Thailand Expats Club. First of All, You will be able to connect with Expats like you through our Outings and Trips arranged on a regular Basis allowing you to connect with other people and Explore Thailand Like Local Thai people Do. 
You will get Special Discounts on these Outings’ Prices (one of the Membership benefits), and You will also Be a Priority for the Seats/Slots availability.

Another Benefit that you will also get When Joining the Thailand Expats Club is that you will have access to our Regular Events in which we bring professionals from Different Fields to Talk about Tips and Tricks and Updates for Expats Related Topics such as Visa Topics, Insurance Topics, Real Estate, and Many more. These Events are only Exclusive to our Members

The Third Benefit is that you will have access to Our Thailand Expats Guide. The Thailand Expats Guide is a Digital Guide full of useful Articles and Content Covering all Topics related to Living in Thailand, Applying for the visa, Living hacks and Many More. There are New Articles added on weekly Basis to Our Thailand Expats Guide to Keep it updated and Useful as much as possible.

The fourth Benefit is that you will have access to our Special Discount programs. The Discount amounts and Percentages depend on your Membership Category, The Higher the Membership is, the Higher the Discount will be. These Discounts are Provided by Many Big Brands Offering Special Products and Services in their Categories.

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