5 best websites and mobile applications for Home Repairs & Cleaning in Thailand

From time to time, you may have a problem occurring at your condo or your house such as an electricity problem or water problem and you will need to repair it. Some condominiums are offering fixing services for their residents, but some others don’t. In case your condo is not offering these services, then you should read this article in which we will be highlighting the 5 best websites and mobile applications for Repairs, Fixings, and Cleaning services in Thailand.

Home Repairs and Cleaning in Thailand

24 Fix Thailand

24 Fix is one of the Leading Companies offering Services for Cleaning and Repairing in Thailand , and Providing these Services in Several Categories. Their Website is only Supporting the Thai Language, However you can use a Browser that can translate the content Like Google Chrome or You can get Some Help from a Local Thai Person.

Their Services are Available in Most of the Provinces around Thailand. You can also communicate with them through LINE APP as they have a Line official Account. 

Below are the Categories that 24 Fix is covering: 

Tile related Services

  • new tile
  • Dismantling and laying tiles
  • dismantle the tile
  • Repair grout

Air Conditioner Services: 

  • buy air conditioner with installation
  • install new air conditioner
  • change air conditioner
  • clean the air conditioner
  • air conditioner repair

Plumbing and Bathroom Services

  • Installing or replacement
  • Repairing Services


  • interior paint
  • exterior paint

Floor Services

  • new flooring
  • change the floor
  • repair

Ceiling Fixes and Services

  • Repair leaking ceiling
  • install ceiling
  • change new ceiling

Roof and Deck 

  • install
  • painted
  • repair

Electrical Services and Fixings 

  • Retrofit
  • Change
  • electrical system repair
  • electrical system

Door and Window

  • install/replace
  • Painted
  • repair

How Does it Work

  1. Select the service you want.
  2. Choose an appointment date and time that is convenient for you.
  3. Pay the service fee to approve the technician queue.
  4. Receive repair services by appointment
Home Repairs and Cleaning in Thailand


Fixzy is also one of the Popular websites and Mobile apps in Thailand Providing Cleaning and Maintenance Services. Their App is available on APP Store and Play Store. The Website is Supported by Thai and English Language.

Below are the Services that can be Provided by Fixzy: 

  • Water Supply Services
  • Electrical Services
  • Electronic Services (Including Air Conditioning, Washer, Dryer, and Water Heater)
  • Structure Related Services (Including: Painting, mosquito wire Screens, Floor, Roofs and terraces, Glass, Wall, doors, and Others) 
  • Cleaning Services (Big Cleaning Services, Dust cleaning Services , and Many More) 
  • They provide other Services as well Such as CCTV, Water Filters, Ventilations,…
  • House Renovation
  • This Company also Provides Annual Charges with very Convenient prices. 
Fixzy Service Provider

Noc Noc

Noc Noc is an ECommerce Website Selling Different Product Categories all related to Home Furnishing and Repairing. They have a Section on their website called Installation Services (Not Supporting the English Language). 

This Website is a Marketplace where Service Providers List their Services and Prices. After you select the Service Type that you are Looking for, You will be redirected to the Page where all the service Providers are listed and you Can Select your preferred one based on their reviews and when they will be able to provide you with the Service that you need. 

Among the Services that this Section is Providing we can Mention: 

  • Flooring Services
  • Electrical and Plumbing Services
  • Moving Furniture Services
  • Doors and Windows Services
  • Roof and deck Repairing and installment Services
  • install sanitary ware and bathroom accessories
  • Cleaning and maintenance services
  • Design Services (House Design and Interior Design Services)
Thailand Websites Cleaning and Repairing Services


Seekster is Providing Services in 4 Areas around Thailand: Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Pattaya and Chiang Rai. The Website is Supporting Thai and English Language and is providing Services in 4 Different Categories

Dust Mite Cleaning

  • Bed Deep Cleaning
  • Sofa Dust Mite Cleaning
  • Curtain Cleaning
  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Dust Mite Buffet Cleaning

Repair and Maintenance, Including the following: 

  • AC Repair
  • AC installation and relocation
  • Moving and Packing Services
  • Gardening and Landscaping

Cleaning Services

  • Bathroom Cleaning 
  • Laundry Cleaning Delivery
  • Ironing

Office and Retail Cleaning Services

  • Office Cleaning and Big Cleaning Services


Servis Hero is a Malaysian company Operating in three different Countries in Southeast Asia: Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore. This Company is Providing cleaning and Other Maintenance and repairing Services.

Their Website is Supporting Thai and English Languages, and they have a Mobile app available on the App Store and the Play Store.

Below are the Service Categories that they Provide:

  • Electrical and Wiring Services including: Lighting, Wiring, Circuit Breaker, Fuse Box, Switch/Power Point, Power Board and Electrical appliances.
  • AC Cleaning
  • Plumbing Services
  • General Home Cleaning and Eco Friendly Cleaning. 
Seekers Website Thailand

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