Best Holiday Destinations in Thailand for Locals

If you are an Expat in Thailand and wondering where to go or what to explore During the weekend, This article will be very useful for you. When Local Thai People Travel Domestically in Thailand during weekends or during Long Holidays, They Like to Go to some Popular Local Destinations around the Country. Most of These Destinations are not very Popular among international tourists.

In this Article we will be Highlighting the most popular Holiday Destinations in Thailand for Locals so you can Travel Like a Local during weekends or During Long Holidays in Thailand.

Koh Samet

Koh Samet is one of the most beautiful islands Located in central Thailand, and is one of the Most Popular Holiday Destinations in Thailand for Locals. The Island is easy to reach from Bangkok and Pattaya, You just need to Reach Rayong province at Sribanphe Pier, then Take a Speed Boat or a Big Boat for around 10 – 15 minutes, then you will reach to this tropical Paradise.

The island has Some beautiful beaches with several Hotels Categories available. The Most famous Beaches on the island are Sai Kaew Beach and Ao Prao Beach. People Also can enjoy some watersport activities like Jet Skiing, Kayaking, Parasailing, and Many others.

Koh Samet Thailand

Nakon Srithammarat

Nakon Srithammarat is Located in the Southern Part of Thailand next to Surat Thani province. This Destination became very Popular During the last 3 Years among the Local Thai People, and Many Domestic Flights are Operating Daily from the Major Cities to Nakon Srithammarat.

Why is this Destination popular for Locals and What you can See in there?

Pink Dolphins

First of All, This destination is famous with the Pink dolphins. You can catch a Long tail boat from one of the Local Long tail boat operators in the early morning and go for a few hours trip to watch the Pink Dolphins Closely. The Best Time is to Take the boat is at around 7 AM.

Krung Ching waterfall

Another thing that you can See in this Amazing Province is Krung Ching waterfall. This waterfall is one of the Best waterfalls around Thailand, and You can See its Photo on the 1,000 Thai Baht Notes.

Coffee Shops with Amazing Views

Enjoying your time at one of the Coffee Shops located on top of the Hills at Nakon Srithammarat with a 360 view of the Mountains and The Bays, is one of the Must do things at this Province. Many Cafes are open and are Serving High Quality Coffee.

Sichon Road

Having a Photo at Sichon road is one of the most popular things that local Thai people do when being at Nakhon Sri Thammarat Province. The road is curved Shape surrounded with the Palm Trees and the Bay View, Making a Personal Photo Exceptional with a beautiful Background.

Krung Ching Hot Spring and white water Rafting

Another thing that Thai People enjoy when being at Nakhon Sri Thammarat is having a Nice Time at the Krung Ching Natural Hot Spring, and also experiencing the adventure of White water Rafting at  Klong Klai Rafting Or Krung Ching Rafting.

Wat Ai Khai – The Child Temple

This Temple is the Main Reason why this Destination became popular for Local Thai people. Many Locals Travel domestically to this Destination to Go and pray at the Child temple. They Believe that this Temple brings the Luck and Good things to Life, as it worked with Many People and Celebrities, and it became a Trend since that time among locals to Travel to Nakhon Sri Thammarat and Pray at this Temple.

Nakhon Sri Thammarat Thailand

Mon Jam/ Chiang Mai

Mon Jam is a Secret Destination Located just around 45 Minutes drive away from Chiang Mai. This Destination is Exclusively Promoted among Local Thai People For Domestic Travel and is one of the Popular Holiday Destinations in Thailand for Locals. However it’s Not popular for Forreigners when Planning their Trip in this area.

When Foreigners Travel to Chiang Mai, They only Explore the Main Things to do and the Popular sights and historical places, But, Mon Jam is never considered as one of them.

This Destination is Located at the Top of the mountain where you can Enjoy a Breathtaking view of the of the Nature with a fresh Air. People Go there for an Overnight, and at the Dawn, They watch the Ocean of Clouds from their Tents or Hotel rooms. Mon Jam is also home for Hmong Tribes. There are Many Glamping Camp Sights available at this Amazing Destination.

Best Holiday Destinations in Thailand for Locals Mon Jam

Khao Yai

Traveling to Khao Yai is a Very Popular Weekend getaway For Locals Living in Bangkok. Khao Yai is a National Park Located Just 3 Hours away from Bangkok, and 3 and Half Hours away from Pattaya. Many Local Thai People Go there during the weekends and Long Holidays to enjoy the Nature with a Picnic Lunch Inside the National Park. For the Nature Lovers, they Can Go Observe the animals from Some View Points, and if they are Lucky they can See Some Rare Birds and animals in the wild.

There are Many Other things to do in Khao yai as well Such as visiting PB Valley Winery and Enjoy a Half Day Winery Tour, Visit the Chocolate factory from where you can buy some Fresh Chocolates and Some delicious Fresh Coffee.

There are plenty of accommodation options available at Khao Yai, From Budget Hotels and Camps, to Luxury 5 stars Resorts. Dining in Khao Yai is also Exceptional as you will find many Amazing Restaurants from all Cuisines.

Best Destinations in Thailand for Locals Khao Yai

Nakhon Nayok

This Province is Located around 2 and Half Hours drive from Bangkok, near Khao Yai National Park. Thai People visit this destination during weekends or Long Holidays to enjoy Some activities and visiting Some amazing Attractions, that’s why it is One of the Best Holiday Destinations in Thailand for Locals.

Below are the Best Things to do when visiting Nakhon Nayok:

Sarika Waterfall, Considered to be one of the largest waterfalls located in This area, You can Enjoy the scenery when being in there, Take some amazing Photos and enjoy swimming in the fresh waters.

Camping Near Nakhon Nayok River is one of the Best Things to do when being at Nakhon Nayok to enjoy the Nature and the Simple way of Life.

White water Rafting adventure in the running rivers is also a Popular activity that locals do when visiting Nakhon Nayok Province.

Visiting Myong- Chit Farm and fruit Tasting. Myong Chit is a Thai fruit, and Nakhon Nayok is the province where they grow this Type of fruit the Most. You can Visit a farm and Buy some fresh Fruits to eat.

Sarika Waterfall Best Places for Locals in Thailand

Ti Lo Su Waterfall

Ti Lo Su is the Highest and the Most beautiful Waterfall in Thailand. It’s very Hard to reach this Waterfall, as it takes around 11 Hours drive from Bangkok to reach it. The road is curved Shaped for many kilometers Making it not easy to drive to the waterfall, and if driving, the Speed has to be very Low for the safety.

Ti Lor Su Waterfall Thailand

Nan Province

Many Thai People Consider Traveling to Nan Province during weekends or Long Holidays in Thailand. There are Several Things to see at Nan that you should Not miss during your visit to the Province.

One of the most Popular things that Thai People do when visiting Nan is to take a Photo in the Beautifully Shaped Road that has the Number 3 Shape. This road Length is around 300 Meters and Located at Pua District (Road 1081). The Best Time is to visit this road and enjoy a Beautiful view is during Sunrise.

Nan Province Best Holiday Destinations in Thailand For Locals

Doi Samer Dao National park is also a Very Popular Place that Thai People Visit during their weekend Trip to Nan. This Place is Located on Top of the Mountains, You can Visit it during Sunrise and Enjoy an Amazing view of the clouds from Above. Thai People also Call it “The Ocean of Fog”

Ocean of Fog Nan Thailand

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