5 best websites and mobile applications for Home Repairs & Cleaning in Thailand

From time to time, you may have a problem occurring at your condo or your house such as an electricity problem or water problem and you will need to repair it. Some condominiums are offering fixing services for their residents, but some others don’t. In case your condo is not offering these services, then you […]

Money Transfer in and out of Thailand

Money Transfer in and Out of Thailand is a Big Concern for Foreigners Living In Thailand. International Money Transfer for Expats is one of the most important things that they need to settle when they arrive. In this Article, we will be showing you the Best and most convenient Ways available for Money Transfer in […]

Best Coworking Spaces in Bangkok

Regus Co-working Spaces this Brand is one of the Best Coworking Spaces in Bangkok with more than 30 Branches all around Thailand in Several Cities Including Bangkok, Phuket and Pattaya. They offer 4 Different Types of Services in all their Branches. These Services are: Co-working Space: In Summary, This Service means that you have access […]

Where to Buy Furniture in Thailand

When Moving to Thailand, One of the most important things that you will need to know is Where to buy furniture in Thailand from. Even if you are renting a fully furnished apartment, you may need to buy some additional Light Furniture, Home accessories, Kitchenware, or any other Home Furniture related Products. In this article […]

Best Holiday Destinations in Thailand for Locals

If you are an Expat in Thailand and wondering where to go or what to explore During the weekend, This article will be very useful for you. When Local Thai People Travel Domestically in Thailand during weekends or during Long Holidays, They Like to Go to some Popular Local Destinations around the Country. Most of […]

Thailand LTR Visa Overview

The Number of People Considering to Move to Thailand Keeps Increasing Year by Year, and that’s Due to many Reasons that make the Country attractive for a Long Term Stay.  Usually when people consider moving to Thailand, the first thing they Look and Search for is the Visa. Thailand is offering different Types of Long […]

Can I open a business in Thailand with my retirement visa

Many Retirement visa Holders are wondering whether they can or cannot open a Business in Thailand with their Visas. The answer for this Question is No, You cannot, as the employment and Business Operation in the Kingdom are Prohibited under this visa Type. In case you are considering to Open a Business or Work in […]

How to Apply for Thailand Retirement Visa

If you are Aged over 50 years Old and Planning to stay for a long Term in Thailand, the Retirement visa will be one of the Best Visa options that you can consider applying for. It allows you to stay for 1 year in Thailand, and You can extend your stay with additional 1 Year. […]

How to Open Bank Account in Thailand for Retirement Visa

A Lot of People are Struggling and facing Problems to Open a Bank Account in Thailand to be able to apply for a retirement visa. In this Article we will be explaining the Steps you need to go through to open a Bank account in Thailand for retirement visa. There are 2 Main Things that […]

Apps to Download when Living in Thailand

If you are already living in the land of Smiles or you are Planning to move to the land of Smiles soon, There are Some apps that you will need to download when living in Thailand. We will be highlighting them in this article to make your life in Thailand Easier and Smoother. Food Panda […]