Thailand Elite Visa Plans

There are Several Thailand Elite Visa Plans Available. These Plans are Different in terms of the Length of Validity, and the Benefits that you will get by applying to each Plan. You can check Below the Thailand Elite Visa Plans Details through the Tables including all the Benefits that you will get from Each Plan. […]

Thailand Visa Exemption Countries

According to the international Agreements between Thailand and Other Countries, There are 65 Nationalities that Can Enter Thailand under the Visa Exemption Scheme (Without a Visa), and are able to stay in Thailand for 30 days and can extend their stay with additional 30 days when in Thailand from any immigration office. Nationalities that Can […]

Online Thailand 90 Days Reporting

All foreigners in Thailand Staying for over 90 days need to submit a Report to the immigration office. There are 4 Ways to submit this report, and One of them is to Submit it online through the Immigration Website. In this Article we will be guiding you on How to Submit The Online Thailand 90 […]

All You need to Know about Thailand 90 Days Report

Any Foreigner Staying in Thailand with a Long Term Visa and Staying over 90 days in the Kingdom will need to do the Thailand 90 Days Report at one of the Available Immigration offices. Only 1 Visa Type Allows you to do the Required Report once a Year instead of once every 90 Days, This […]

Thailand Elite Visa Overview

Thailand Elite is a Long term Privileges’ Visa to Thailand. This Visa is Multi Entry and has Several Plans available, Each Plan Gives you Different Benefits, and There are Plans Available allowing you to Stay in Thailand for up to 20 Years. Who Can Apply for Thailand Elite Visa? All Nationalities are Able to apply […]

LTR Visa Thailand Application Process and Issuance

Thailand LTR Visa Application process is a Bit Different from other Visa Types in Thailand as The Thai Board of Investment is involved in checking and reviewing the Documents submitted. In this article, we will be showing The Details of the Application Process and Issuance for this Visa Type. Can Thailand LTR Visa Application be […]

Who is Eligible to Apply for LTR Visa Thailand

The Thai Government has Defined four Groups of People who are eligible to Apply for LTR Visa Thailand. These four Groups are: Wealthy Global Citizens, Wealthy Pensioners, Work from Home Thailand Professionals, and Highly Skilled Professionals. In this article we will be explaining the Criteria that Each Group need to meet to be able to […]

Thailand LTR Visa Overview

The Number of People Considering to Move to Thailand Keeps Increasing Year by Year, and that’s Due to many Reasons that make the Country attractive for a Long Term Stay.  Usually when people consider moving to Thailand, the first thing they Look and Search for is the Visa. Thailand is offering different Types of Long […]

is it Possible to convert Thailand Visa on arrival to another Type of visa

It is not possible to convert Thailand Visa on arrival (VOA) to another Type of Visa when you are in Thailand, and you cannot event extend it with additional days of stay in The Kingdom same as applicable with other visa types. You will only be allowed to extend your stay in Thailand with VOA […]

Thailand Retirement Visa OX

Other than the Normal Thailand retirement visa, there is another visa type called Non Immigrant OX. This Type is giving you more benefits than the Standard Popular retirement visa. However, it’s not applicable for everyone and it’s requirements are harder than the normal retirement visa type. Who Can Apply for Thailand Retirement Visa OX? Same […]